The Pine Ridge Stewardship Committee consists of individuals whose mission is to further the growth and outreach of Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church by eliciting volunteers and donations in support of the church's mission statement "... to provide a place to proclaim and celebrate the good News of Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually and to love, serve and reach out together." To that end, we believe that stewardship is developing methods and means to call people into personal growth as those with capacity give, serve, and care generously through their time, talent and treasure.


This has been a year like no other, as we have all wrestled with an unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic and so many restrictions on getting together in person.

But it has also been a year of discovering how we are the church, living out God’s love, even beyond the walls of the building. We have still managed to gather together every Sunday to worship God via Zoom. We have still done numerous outreach projects to benefit our community. Most of all, we have still supported each other, creating a strong church family that can be a bulwark against the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19.

It is in faith in God’s guidance to go forward together in love that we embark on this year’s  stewardship campaign, Giving in Faith and Courage, culminating Oct. 25, 2020. Of necessity, this will be mostly a “virtual” campaign this year.

Church finances are fragile.  We realize this is a time of financial uncertainty for everyone. But the needs will be great in 2021 and we are asking for your help. Our pledge goal for 2021 is $831,208, which is a slight increase from last year to fund needed repairs. This includes $649,000 for the general fund and $182,208 for the third year of our 3-year Capital Campaign.

Giving Sunday is Oct. 25 and we hope to receive all pledge cards by then. May we each know the deep well of God’s faithful, loving presence.  May we continue to have courage so that others know God’s peace through us.   And in all things may we be generous.

To download a fillable and printable 2021 Pledge Card, please click on the following link, fill it out and return it to Lisa Schreiber,  If you prefer, pledge cards can be mailed into the office.

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