Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church Original BuildingLord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations - Psalm 90

The future's so bright I gotta wear shades! - Timbuk 3

At midnight on Christmas Eve 1961 a small group of Christians gathered together in a farmhouse down a gravel road to celebrate the nativity of Christ and the birth of a new church. The new church born that winter night was Pine Ridge. The farmhouse where the church began worshipping 48 years ago is now called Genesis House and still stands on our property. The road, which was gravel, has become Barry Road.

Like a child, Pine Ridge has grown and changed over the years. There have been times to discover new gifts, difficult times from which to learn, and lots of playful times. From its first days the church has grown strong with a deep sense of faith, hope and love. There has always remained a sense that God has placed our church here on this little corner of God's Kingdom in order to grow as we reach out to others who are coming to this area seeking a place to worship, grow in faith, and serve Christ.

In 2007 we began worshiping in a new sanctuary, which was built to be much larger than the current congregation needed. A bigger choir room, parlor, cry room, and large gathering area with a welcome center were also a part of the new addition. It was an ambitious project, but through the hard work of many the result was a beautiful place to worship and serve. As a result much has happened which has revealed that God is using our new building as an instrument to grow our shared ministry. Since the building opened in September 2007 we have experienced a great release of energy for ministry and mission.

Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church Original BuildingAnd our work continues. There is always someone who is coming through the door for the first time who needs to know the promise of God's love, the hope of Jesus Christ, that there is a place for them to grow and serve, and that we are a loving, open community of faith.

Our members breathe life into Pine Ridge Church through giving of themselves - time, talent and treasure. We are excited about the future of our church as we continue on this journey of faith together as a church family.

As ever, God who was in attendance to bring Pine Ridge into the world 50 years ago on a cold winter night, has remained faithful through the years and will continue to guide, protect and love us, as together we nourish the spirit and spread the Word.