Get Involved at Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church

We encourage you to check out what’s going on. There are lots of ways to get involved – in a casual way at first, and then more fully if you decide to make Pine Ridge your church home.

Feel free to join us on Sunday mornings for worship. We’d also encourage you to see if there are any upcoming events that might be of interest to you. See our calendar for what’s coming up.

At Pine Ridge, we encourage everyone to get involved. A large part of feeling connected to our community is meeting people. Whatever your age or interest area, there is a place for you to get involved in the worship, education, fellowship, service and outreach of the church. Through our ministries, we seek to encourage communications in loving communities of people who can support and guide one another in a growing Christian faith.

We encourage you to make one of the worship services your place to regularly gather to lift up your voice of praise, gain insight for living, and listen to God’s spirit of direction in your life.

Volunteers for Christian service in even the smallest way can serve as a springboard to meaningful relationships and can lead to deeply satisfying forms of influential service. No job is ever too large or too small to be pleasing to God, and you just may be surprised by how much fun you have and how much personal growth you experience.