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Adult Opportunities

We believe Faith Formation is important for all ages and so we offer a variety of opportunities for adults to grow in their faith including weekly Bible studies, focused study groups, and common interest gatherings with a focus on building relationships. Our hybrid classes offer both in-person and Zoom attendance options. Check the weekly E-Tidings for more details about specifics for what each group is doing along with information on new classes, studies and small groups. For more information please call Pastor Buzzy LeCluyse at the Church Office, 741-5118 ext. 103.


Early Risers Sunday Bible Study | 8:45-10:00 a.m. (Hybrid)
Start your Sunday morning with this group which typically studies different books of the bible. This group meets in the Eddy Room. Want to join us via Zoom? Email to get connected.
Tuesday Bible Study | 10:00-11:30 a.m. (Hybrid)
Join this ongoing weekly group to do in-depth studies of individual books of the bible as well as the weekly lectionary passages. This groups meet in the Jim Gordon Chapel. Want to join us via Zoom? Email to get connected.
Women & God | Tuesdays 10:30 a.m.

Gather with these faithful women who meet each week for fellowship and digging deeper into the bible using short-term studies selected by the group. This group meets Tuesday morning in the Eddy Room.

The Mystics | Thursdays 2:00-3:30 p.m. (September - May)

If you have been curious about Christian Mysticism, this is a great place to find out more. The Mystics group meets every Thursday afternoon from 2:00 -3:30pm in the Eddy room. They use various resources to guide their weekly study and discussion. For more questions, please e-mail Claudia Ellermann at or just come join us.

Men's Bible Study | Saturday 7:30 a.m (Hybrid)

All men are invited to join us every Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. for Bible Study. This discussion based group studies various topics and books of the bible in their time together.  Want to join us via Zoom? Email to get connected or join us in the Gordon Chapel.


Deep Listening | First Wednesday of the Month via Zoom - 7:00-8:00pm
This group seeks to grow in our understanding and living out of what it means to be anti-racist through discussion of current books, podcasts, articles and guest speakers. Our resource list gives you a look at some of the work we are doing: Deep Listening Anti-Racism Resources
Death Cafe | First Thursday of the month, 6:30 p.m.
Based on the international movement (more info here) this group seeks "to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their finite lives." We provide a safe place to discuss death, individual priorities, share experiences and ask questions.
Women's Bible Study | Third Thursday of the Month 10:30 a.m. (September-May)

Join us this New Year as we continue our study of Celebrating Sabbath: Accepting God’s Gift of Rest and Delight by Carol M. Bechtel. We meet the third Thursday of the month in the gray parlor. If you would like to join us and need a study guide contact Buzzy LeCluyse,


Pine Ridge Book Club | Third Monday of the month 7:00 p.m.(September - May)
A reading list is selected for the upcoming year and meetings are held in different member's homes or via Zoom to discuss the book of the month. Contact to get connected.
Dinner Theatre Lunch Bunch | Various Wednesdays
Multiple times a year this group attends Wednesday matinees at the New Theatre Restaurant to enjoy an afternoon of good food and fun. Advance reservations are required. Contact for next meeting dates & times.
Many Hands Crafters | Wednesdays and Saturdays
This group gathers to make craft projects throughout the year for the annual Craft Fair benefiting special church projects. Bring your scissors, glue guns, love of crafting - be ready to have fun and make friends! Want to join the group? Contact for more details and to get connected.

Buzzy LeCluyse, Associate Pastor of Discipleship


Buzzy LeCluyse
Associate Pastor of Discipleship

(816)741-5118, ext. 103