Welcome Center

Our Deacons are responsible for maintaining and staffing the Welcome Center. They assist new visitors in locating areas of interest. We provide first-time visitors with information to more fully understand all that Pine Ridge has to offer.

Attracting People
The main focus of the Attraction Committee is to "attract" key audiences to Pine Ridge. The committee works with local media and press sources, as well as the Pine Ridge website. Our goal is to bring new visitors in that will hopefully feel comfortable and welcomed and will eventually make our church their own.

Some of our projects have included:
Mr. Stinky Feet Concert
Cloverton Concert
Parkville Parade
Neighborhood Carnival
"I Love My Church" Events
Santa's Secret Workshop

Coffee Ministry
The Holy Grounds Café opened in September 2007. At this time we provide, at no charge, free-trade coffee, hot tea and donuts. Lattes, cappuccinos, espressos (made with free-trade coffee) and fruit smoothies are available at a minimal cost. The café is open every Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Whether behind the coffee counter, or in front of it, The Holy Grounds Cafe is a great place to meet new faces in the church, fellowship, and build community.

Holy Grounds Café is staffed solely by volunteers.  Volunteers are provided training on the simple operation of the equipment and new volunteers are placed with our more experienced volunteers until they are comfortable with their responsibilities. Come join our team!

Music Events
The Music Events Committee exists to reach out in friendship to the community and members of Pine Ridge. Our sanctuary has outstanding acoustics making it a superb auditorium for music and other events. It was also felt this was another way to invite others to enjoy the fellowship and mission of our church as well as to present outstanding musical events which would celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ to the public. We sponsor three events each year.

Some of our sponsored events have included:
William Baker Festival Singers
African Children's Choir
The Trouble Clefs