One of the most important committees in the church - this one has to do with food, and eating! Elaine and her group of volunteers plan, coordinate and prepare our luncheons, dinners and receptions. Past events have included the annual Congregational Meeting, Valentine Dinner Theatre, Seder meal and Easter Sunday breakfast.

Don't cook? Not a problem! This group still needs your help! Shoppers for events, making table centerpieces, table setting and clean up are only a few areas where you do not have to cook! Want to sign up for just one or two events because you can't commit to a year? We can use you and your talents for as many events as you want to be involved.

When you join Pine Ridge you become a part of a Covenant Group. "Covenant" means we share a responsibility to look after the other members of our group - which may include providing meals, transportation, visitation and any other care needs. As part of a Covenant Group, if you or your family has a need please do not hesitate to contact your Deacon.

Along with Reverend Dr. Gordon, Partners In Ministry (PIM) coordinates and helps facilitate the "new members" classes. PIM also assists in helping new members find the right "niche" for their talents at Pine Ridge. They assist with getting you acquainted with the areas of Pine Ridge that you find of interest.

The Befriender's Ministry is a "listening ministry."  Sometimes, there is nothing more important than just being heard. Several Deacons, staff and elders have completed the Befrienders Program which became a new offering at Pine Ridge in 2011.  Persons in need of talking with a trained Befriender should feel comfortable that all information will be kept in strict confidence.  A Befriender may be contacted directly or through a referral.

Our Prayer Corps is a group of individuals from our Pine Ridge Community who feel called to spend intentional time in prayer on a regular basis for those who are ill, grieving, unemployed, or just lost. Prayer requests are submitted by contacting the Church Office, 816.741.5118, completing a prayer card found at the Welcome Center, or contacting our Prayer Corps leader, Jacqueline Steczak. Prayer concerns are kept in strict confidence unless otherwise requested and HIPPA rules are followed.