Pine Ridge has seen much growth since our beginning in 1963!  Administration of the Pine Ridge Church we are today requires many talents.  By combining the many talents of our congregation, we are able to maintain the facilities, the staff, and the finances to continue our mission of spreading and teaching God's word and sharing his love.

Following are some of the administration teams in which you can get involved:

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee provides an organized way of fulfilling its responsibilities to all persons employed by Pine Ridge. Responsibilities include recruiting, hiring and supporting individuals in non-ordained positions, and administering the personnel policies and practices.


The Facilities Board is committed to providing a clean, attractive and safe environment by maintaining and improving the property. We are blessed with 9.7 acres of real estate and over 22,000 square feet under roof. The Facilities Board coordinated the creation of a Rain Garden on the Pine Ridge grounds, is supportive of our Communitary Garden efforts, and works closely with our Boy Scout Troop 395 in coordinating Eagle Scout projects that enhance our facilities.

Our primary responsibilities include:
Landscape Maintenance
Facilities Use
Fire & Safety
Building Maintenance
Energy Maintenance
Eagle Scout Projects
Event Setup


There are many opportunities to get involved with one of our Finance Teams.  These committees or teams require many different talents.  You do not have to have a background in finance or be a CPA.  Maybe your gift is organization, or you are a "detail" person, or maybe writing or marketing.  You simply have to have a passion for God and realize the importance of Finances in furthering God's kingdom.

Following are some ways you can get involved:

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee ensures that all church financial responsibilities are determined, reviewed, and assigned as appropriate. They maintain financial policies, review spending, prepare the annual budget, maintain appropriate records, ensure an annual audit is conducted, ensure appropriate controls are in place, and advise Session, our governing body, as needed.

Audit Committee
Members of the audit Committee review practices and procedures relating to financial transactions and record-keeping to ensure that policies are being followed and appropriate controls are in place.

Offering Counters
Offering counters count each Sunday's offering to prepare bank deposit, record all necessary information for church records, and make necessary copies.  Three counters who are not related to each other are needed each Sunday.