The Pine Ridge Stewardship Committee consists of six volunteer individuals whose mission is to further the growth and outreach of Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church by eliciting volunteers and donations in support of the church's mission statement "... to provide a place to proclaim and celebrate the good News of Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually and to love, serve and reach out together." To that end, we believe that stewardship is developing methods and means to call people into personal growth as those with capacity give, serve, and care generously through their time, talent and treasure.  
The 2017-2018 Stewardship Campaign "Take Action" is guided by the church's budget. This budget is fundamentally anchored to growing funds for our Church home, community outreach and discipleship, developing and executing mission opportunities and supporting our children's and adult ministries.  
The Pine Ridge Stewardship Committee is a separate committee, not part of other committees (finance or trustee). It is not a “task force,” but a fully formed, free-standing committee, which meets regularly. This committee reports regularly to the church board and congregation.

Click here to download the fillable and printable 2018 Pledge Card.

Time and Talents Survey – as we welcome our new volunteer coordinator, Larry Benson, we want to better understand the treasure trove of talents that exist within our church family. So we are asking all our families to fill out the time and talent survey, by the end of November. Paper copies are available in the church office, and an on-line version is available here. Larry will use this data to provide us all with the opportunity to serve God and our community.