Pine Ridge seeks to partner with the congregation as we follow Jesus' example of offering love, help, and hope to the poor, oppressed and needy. We are called to action to faithfully and prayerfully offer support to those with physical and spiritual needs through sharing of time, talents and money in support of local, national and global mission.

Mission programs/projects include:
Soup Kitchen - lunch prepared and served two times each month at the Salvation Army's "Beacon of Hope Cafe" located at 9th and Prospect
Hillcrest Ministries
Community Garden
Bags of Love
Garden Angels
Northland Miracles
Prairie Point Elementary
Mission Support
Angel Tree
Other Mission Support

There are numerous miscellaneous mission opportunities not mentioned here that are part of other committees/groups of our church (One Great House of Sharing, Argentine Presbyterian Church Baby Closet, Project Warmth, Heartland Presbyterian Center, mission trips by our youth, etc.)