The spiritual formation and education of our children are of highest importance.  We are a church with many young families and offer programs that support family values and nurture our children. Following are some of our programs. If you feel called to assist with some of these programs, please contact our Children's Ministry Director. Our volunteers go through Child Protection Policy training and are background checked for the safety of your children.


Children Worship and Wonder (CW&W) is a children's church program based on the Montessori style of teaching and learning. Children age 3 through kindergarten are invited to CW&W to worship with age appropriate stories and activities.

Children begin the worship service with their families in the sanctuary, and then those age 3-kindergarten are dismissed for CW&W after "A Moment With Our Children" during the worship service. A leader will meet the children outside the sanctuary and lead them to room #4. CW&W ends at 10:30 am. Angel Choir, also for children age 3-kindergarten, meets in room #4 right after CW&W at 10:30 am.

Parents can pick up their children at any time; after CW&W ends at 10:30 am, after Angel Choir at 10:45 am or after Sunday School at 11:30 am.


Children age two and under are welcome in the Nursery
Preschool (ages 3-5):  Room #3

Rotation Sunday School:

Children in kindergarten through 4th grade participate in Rotation Sunday School.  The children are divided into classes by age, and each week the classes “rotate” or "travel” with their Travel Guides to a different workshop to experience the Bible story in a different learning environment.

These workshops include Cornergate Cinema (movie), Canaan Café (cooking), Input Inn (computers), Athens’ Arena (games), Noah’s Art Studio (art) and Mystery Workshop (what will it be this month?).

Please see this Sunday's bulletin for the locations of the rotation Sunday School classes.

The 5th and 6th grade children are together in a group called KFC (Kids For Christ). KFC meets for Sunday School in the Chapel classroom.

Frequently Asked Question

When does children's Sunday School begin?
Children's Sunday School begins at 10:30 am. The children who are in the worship service are dismissed for Sunday School before the end of the service to meet their teacher or travel guide outside the sanctuary. The children and their teacher or travel guide then go together, first to the Chapel for music, and then to their Sunday School classroom.

All children are encouraged to attend the 9:30 worship service with their parents. Age appropriate activity bags are provided by the doors to the Sanctuary, please ask an usher for assistance.

Where will my child be for Sunday School?
The monthly rotation schedule can be found on the bulletin board in the CE wing. The schedule and room assignments for all ages and classes are also printed in the worship bulletin each week.

When does Sunday School end? Where do I pick up my child?
All children's Sunday School classes end at 11:30 am.
Preschool parents should pick up their children in their classroom at 11:30 am.
Rotation Sunday School kids (K-4th grade) will be brought up to Holy Grounds Cafe to meet their parents at 11:30 am.
KFC (5th & 6th grade) will be dismissed from their class at 11:30 am.

What’s the difference between a travel guide and a workshop teacher?
Each class in Rotation Sunday School is assigned two Travel Guides, two adults who alternate “traveling” with that class to a different workshop each week.  The Travel Guides do not prepare or teach the lessons, but develop relationships with the children in their class.
Workshop teachers teach in one workshop for the duration of each Bible story, which usually lasts one month. They teach the same lesson each week to a different age group, adapting the lesson as necessary.

This sounds like fun!  Can I help?
Absolutely!  Our Sunday School program can always use volunteers in all the classes.  It takes many people to make our program successful.  If you would like more information, contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Julie Bodenheimer via email at


LOGOS is an exciting mid-week gathering for children in kindergarten through sixth grades! Each Wednesday evening your child can experience living the Christian faith through family-style dinner, fun activities, exciting music and drama, and engaging Bible study.  The best part of LOGOS is the quality friendships formed with other kids and the meaningful relationships developed with the many great adult leaders we have. Parents participate too and become a part of LOGOS so the experience can be carried home and shared together.

If you have any questions or would like to help with the program please contact one of our directors, Dan Scheneman or Michelle Miller at

Visit our LOGOS program page for more information.


We are looking forward to another fun-filled week of VBS and Day Camp next summer! Stay tuned for further information.