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"Where Did I See God Today?"
by Jim Gordon | April 1, 2022

Our continuing practice for Lent will be Music and Meditation Sunday at 9:50, prior to worship. Please remember it is “Meditation and Music” and not “Meditation and Conversation with Background Music.” The great acoustics in the sanctuary that allow us to hear and enjoy music work both ways. They also amplify any sounds, likevoices no matter how quiet, for all to hear. Thanks for helping to create silence in the sanctuary.

In the last few weeks I have invited you to consider adding a discipline of Gratitude, an awareness of Wonder and to ask great questions on your Lenten journey. This week I invite you to look for God each day.

Jayne Davis wrote, “Where have you seen God today?” It’s a simple question that a friend of mine taught me to start asking myself at the end of the day, a question that I commend to you as well. We see what we expect to see, for better or for worse. We are shaped by what we notice, what we look for — in others and in the world.”

My granddaughter Ellie!, who is two, loves “flap books.” You know those children’s books that have flaps to lift to find the lost yellow chick who is hiding behind a leafy bush? She loves to look for the surprise under each flap.  But she also likes to have the confidence to know where to look the next time (and the next time) she reads the book. 

This week I invite you to lift the flap.  Each night take a minute to reflect on the question, “Where did I see God today?”  Be encouraged by Ellie!, that God is always there  in your day, like the chick is always behind the bush in her books.  Let your mind drift back through your day simply asking the question, “Where did I see God today?”  It may be in the spectacular sunset, but most likely it is so subtle that you would have missed it if you hadn’t thought about it.  In fact, you might even be tempted to dismiss it as “not good enough,” but that is the point. Our unique experiences, and in fact we ourselves, are so good that God has decided to show up in our lives every day even uninvited, whether we notice or not.