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30 Days until Valentines Day!
by Jim Gordon | January 14, 2022


 Valentines Gift

There are only 30 days left to get the church a Valentine!

What does the church really need for Valentine’s Day?

I have good news and bad news.

First the bad news. The sanctuary video system we depend on is on its last legs. Long before anyone comes to worship each Sunday a small group of us gather in the sanctuary to join hands and pray really hard that images will appear on the screens another week. So far so good, but we have been getting a warning from the projectors for months that they will soon fail. You might have noticed that the screen images are fading. If you haven’t, just look at the back screen, which is a much newer projector, compared to the front.

More bad news, the system we are using is original to the build-ing and now obsolete. We will mark 15 years in the “new” sanc-tuary this Labor Day weekend. During those years the world has changed, converting from analogue to digital technology. You probably got a new slimer, wider TV a few years ago to accom-modate the better picture digital offers. They don’t even make the analogue equipment we are using in the sanctuary any-more, so the cost of the upgrade is not just for replacing the projectors but upgrading all the video equipment, cables, etc. to digital. The total cost is $65,000. Ouch! And still more bad news, the Session has long been aware of the impending demise and hoped to include the upgrade in the budget for 2022 but has decided, rightfully so, to fully fund our current mission and ministry, so the money for the upgrade is not available.

Now the good news. Many Hands who are always working hard to make and sell craft items along with many other enticing things in the fall have offered to donate $15,000 to support the upgrade. I don’t want this to sound like a late-night infomercial but wait there’s more! Members of the church who wish to remain anonymous have pledged $20,000 in a matching gift toward the project. I am very grateful for both generous gifts. Thank you.

So here is the challenge: To raise the balance of $30,000 by Valentine’s Day, so we can get the upgrade done by Easter (April 17th, 2022).
At this point I not only want to raise the money, but to test the effectiveness of this blog. For the time being, this will be a “blog only” campaign. I will give you updates and try not to even mention it on Sunday when we have more important things to do.

If you would like to send the church a Valentine you can do so in all the usual ways making sure to designate your check, cash or online gift as “Valentine Sanctuary Upgrade.”
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!