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Stay Healthy, Helpful and Calm
by Jim Gordon | January 7, 2022


 Healthy Helpful Calm

Thanks for all the prayers and concern for me following a positive COVID test last week. On the one hand, I feel like “the boy who cried wolf.” My symp-toms are mild, very cold like. In fact I feel like I usually feel this time of year. With the first real cold snap I was not surprised I had my annual stuffy nose, coughing and sneezing. However, I was surprised that my eyes were suddenly so red. Scary red. Halloween red. While they did not feel irritated, I checked with my eye doctor and it was he who suggested a COVID test, which was positive.

Because of my underlying health conditions, nonhodgkins lymphoma, and the increased risk, my oncology group has been especially attentive. A nurse from the office calls me daily. Although they are pleased with my progress, they have advised me to take extra care and isolate for the full ten days. Providing no more symptoms arise I will be released from my basement soon and be back in church on Sunday. I plan to take another home COVID test before then just to be certain.

I am relieved that I have been spared the hardest symptoms. But the truth is none of us know for sure how our bodies will react to the disease. I am very sure that getting the vaccine and the booster, continuing to wear a mask and avoiding crowds has helped me more than I realize. And I have no doubt that it is the care members of the church have shown for me and others by wearing masks in worship that has made a huge difference. I am very grateful to the members of the congregation and the staff for continuing to wear masks even as they become more rare in other public places.
The sad reality is that most of us want to be done with COVID, but it seems that it is far from done with us. It is still a very contagious, potentially deadly disease. Everyone must make their own choices and find their own comfort level with risk. I respect that. And I also greatly appreciate all who have shown concern for the health of the most vulnerable, including me.