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by Debbie Folkedahl | July 23, 2021

Back to School Caring

Blog by Debbie Folkedahl

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

A few weeks ago I was in the Holy Grounds Café on a Monday morning, sealing the granite tops on the tables. It was quiet in the church and my mind wandered while I was working. I began to ponder the relevance of the church today, especially after this last year, and did we have a meaningful purpose. My thoughts were interrupted by the children from Parent’s Day Out leaving at the end of the morning. As always, I enjoyed seeing the kids walking in a line wearing their backpacks. But it also brought to mind how the need for good affordable daycare is so important to working parents, especially women, and that so many families have been adversely affected due to the pandemic. OK, that is one good, relevant, thing the church is doing, I thought.

A little while later, Kristi Auch walked through the Holy Grounds Café. We said hello and I asked her how the pre-K classes were going. She told me that not only were the classes full, but they were adding a fourth classroom. And two of the classrooms are full-time pre-K. Again, this is meaningful, relevant services that the church is providing.

I later met some women who were in a meeting in the chapel. I don’t know who they were or what the meeting was about, but it made me glad to see the chapel area being used on a Monday morning.

As I was finishing up my work, I thought about our newest project, ReFresh, which will be providing much-needed toiletry items for Park Hill students. I know I hadn’t thought about the cost of basic toiletries and that these might be items some families can little afford. I am glad that the church reached out to discover and fill that need.

The challenge for us, the church, is to continue to be aware of changing needs within our community and develop ways to meet those needs. Not an easy task, but one that is so important.