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Easter Thank you
by Anonymous | April 10, 2021




I cannot remember more beautiful weather on Easter. Even at the early service, although there was some wind to remind us that is still early April, the sun was out and it wasn’t snowing. I think there were about 60 brave souls who ventured out to celebrate the Resurrection in the park-ing lot in front of Genesis House. God is Good!

Although I worried about our getting things ready and right, everything seemed to go smoothly through the morning. Thanks to Larry Benson and the ushers who were very careful to seat people at appropriate dis-tance. Thanks to all who came for bearing with us as we tried to be care-ful about making reservations. Thanks for wearing masks. Thanks for being flexible and adaptable and sitting in a new pew!

Thanks also for crying. While I would like to think it was the power of the music and my words that moved you to tears, I realize the real source of emotion was that so many of you were coming back to church for the first time in a year. Zoom is good in many ways, but it cannot replace the experience of being the Body of Christ together.

Thanks to all who joined us by Zoom. We were at capacity for the in-person congregation, which is around 130. But we also had as many or more who joined us through Zoom. We have been talking about it, but Easter was our best chance so far to experience hybrid worship.

A couple of points stood out for me. Although I knew it and have looked forward to just having people in the room again, it was amazing. It has been great to even have a few join us live in the pews, but this was the first Sunday that really ‘felt’ full. The energy of the Easter congregation is what Easter is really about. But it also seemed important to share com-munion together. Although I couldn’t see it, I understand that they showed the congregation coming forward for communion, so those look-ing in could feel more of a part of it. And it seemed important that we all take the elements together. That simple act of sharing really and virtually truly felt like communion.

That’s how I saw it, but I would be curious, “How was your experience?”