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It's Time to Put the X back in Christmas


Published 2016-12-14

Blue Xmas at Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church in Kansas City MOIt is time to put the X back in Christmas.

We have a Blue Xmas service here Sunday night.  I have gotten a couple of calls this week from someone who has driven by the church and was offended by our banner advertising the service.  Mainly this person accuses us of taking the “Christ” out of Christmas.

Actually the ‘X’ is a ‘Chi’ the first Greek letter in the word “Christos” or Christ in English.  “Xmas” is not a short hand developed by greedy secular merchants to save time and belittle Jesus birthday.  It is an ancient way of writing Christmas by honoring Christ, which has been hijacked by greedy secular merchants to save time and belittle Jesus birthday.

Christians unite!!  It is time to put the ‘X’ back in Christmas.  I challenge you wherever you see Xmas this year, even in the cheesiest, tawdriest or most blatantly secular use to bow your head right then and there and offer a brief prayer of thanks for Jesus being born for all people, including greedy secular merchants.

I hope you all have a very Merry Xmas!

By the way, Blue Xmas is a service for anyone feeling blue during the holidays for any reason.  It is for those for whom the focus on family and good cheer makes them feel worse because of recent loss, loneliness or sadness.  I hope that all will come who want to find a safe place to feel what they feel and not be judged and to hear the message that Christ as come as a light in the darkness that the darkness cannot overcome.

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