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Happy Thanksgiving


Published 2016-11-16

Happy Thanksgiving Blog Entry from Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church in Kansas City MOSometimes in our family we have observed the tradition of each person around the Thanksgiving table saying something they are thankful for before we then proceed to eat too much and are miserable the rest of the day.  Maybe one or both of those things are the custom wherever you celebrate the holiday.
It is good to stop and give thanks.  Simply stopping long enough to realize that you are grateful for your life and those whom you love is a very good thing.  Actually saying, “Thank you,” to someone who gives your life meaning is still better.  Wrapping it all in a prayer and just saying, “Thank you,” to God is even better.
Most of us are thankful for pretty much the same things, although the details are different for each of us.  Friends, family, food, freedom, and faith are at the top of most peoples’ lists.  
Thanksgiving is founded on the tradition, which began when Pilgrims invited Native Americans to dine with them after a successful harvest, made possible only because the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims local farming techniques which made the harvest more plentiful.  I don’t know, but I would guess that the reasons the original celebrants of Thanksgiving might have given for which they were thankful might be pretty much the same ones we identify.
That makes me think that Thanksgiving is what we most need right now.  In a time when things seem ever more divided in our culture around race, class, education and geography, healing begins with thanksgiving.  As we realize again, that although the details may be very different in each person’s life, we share in common a thanksgiving for those we love and feel love from; for having enough; and for giving ourselves to something greater.
I hope you have a good Thanksgiving, which means that you find something in common with someone you least expect for which you are both thankful.
And don’t eat too much!!

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