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A Slippery Slope


Published 2017-08-24

A member of Pine Ridge Church for many years grew up in Nigeria during a civil war there in decades past. He and his family are active, important members of our church. I asked his permission to share with you portions of a wise and eloquent email he recently sent me to, which he has agreed. All I can add is “Amen”:

“…As an avid student of American history who understands quite clearly that for all the goodness of America, there were periods in America’s history, long and in recent past when racial, social and economic divisions were much more glaring and acceptable as part of the culture. It is thus really sad to see that while this nation deserves applause for the progress that has occurred in the last fifty years or thereabout to cultivate equality and justice for most, there are still a significant segment of the population who are hell bent on reaching back to the dark and ugly past.

“It is indeed a slippery slope, the way I see it, that deserves active citizen watchful eye and prayer – those who have lived in other lands where those in power and their supporters are purveyors of violence and intimidation in the quest for power know too well how devastating such actions can be to the body culture, politics and society at large and the lasting and lingering impact such means and methods can inflict on the larger society in all aspects of life. Yes, it is not unexpected that in the real world we live in that there will be individuals or group of individuals who behave in anti-social, destructive ways. What makes the difference ultimately is first the reaction and actions of the leadership of such a society and finally the activism of the regular folks [in whatever form, no matter how small – similar to the Biblical widow's mite] in standing up against what is wrong and in standing up for what is right…. By God’s grace and mercy it is hoped that this is not a new dawn in the land I now call home by choice but a wrong turn that is quickly righted.”


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