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Published 2017-02-23


is a Japanese word that doesn’t translate into English well, but you begin to understand when you stop to realize that at this moment you are sitting on a planet spinning at over a thousand miles an hour, hurtling seventy thousand miles an hour through space in its annual rotation around the sun.  The sun that is one of an infinite number of stars in the universe.   Yūgen is realizing there are more stars in the heavens than there are grains of sand on the earth.  

Yūgen is also realizing all of the complicated processes at work right now from gravity to photosynthesis guiding life on the planet. And as you read these words you understand them because the 100 billion neurons in your brain work together in a perfect symphony to enable you to be you.  Your heart, lungs and internal organs are even now performing a multitude of processes to convert the air you are now inhaling and the food you ate for breakfast into your life.

Yūgen is realizing that the creation was not complete until God invited you to share its very unfolding.  At this moment you are standing on the leading edge of creation with God who is at once beyond the farthest star and at the same time tucked neatly in each of the spaces within your atoms.

I hope that you have an experience of Yūgen today, but if you can’t get all the way to Yūgen, be willing to settle for humility, gratitude, wonder or even quiet joy.



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