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We All Are Constantly in Motion


Published 2017-01-18

We All Are Constantly in Motion
“People, he had said, were always being looked at as points, and they ought to be looked at as lines.  There weren’t any points, it was false to assume that a person ever was anything.  He was always becoming something, always changing, always continuous and moving, like the wiggly line on a machine use to measure earthquake shocks.  He was always what he was in the beginning, but never exactly what he was; he moved along a line dictated by his heritage and his environment, but he was subject to every sort of variation with the narrow limits of his capabilities.” (from Wallace Stegner, The Big Rock Candy Mountain, copyright 1938, page 491).

How many times have I thought of myself as a point, as if I could hold still long enough to easily make this or that change in myself?

But I, you, we all are constantly in motion.  Breath, heartbeat, a cascade of thoughts, not to mention aging and the relentlessness of life. We are building the airplane while we are flying it.

Everything that has ever happened to us, good, bad or unnoticed has conspired to make us who we are at this moment.

Simply close your eyes, breathe, and marvel at the miracle that you are now and who you are becoming.  And give thanks…

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